Village Transportation

It’s the easiest way to get around town!

The Village Bus operates on a weekly basis, usually on Fridays, for our senior citizens.

Reservations are required. Call Village Hall at (216) 641-7020 prior to 8:30 AM on the morning of the trip.
For a Saturday trip, call Village Hall before 4:00 PM on Friday.

Non-residents who ride the Village Bus for special bus trips must pay a $5.00 fee.
The fee may be paid at Village Hall prior to the trip or paid to the bus driver on that day.

All trips leave approximately at 9:00 AM unless otherwise noted on the calendar. Pick-ups and drop-offs are made at the resident’s home. Please note that all riders of the Village Bus must fill out an emergency contact form. This form was established by Council to promote safety for all residents and organizations that use the Village Bus.

In case of emergencies, it is very important that the Village be able to call those individuals who you designate as emergency contacts. It not only helps our bus drivers, but it helps you, too. The bus driver will keep all emergency contacts forms on the bus. Please inform your contact person of any medications or conditions that would need to be available in case you were taken to a hospital.