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Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation

Located on 306 acres in Cleveland’s industrial heart, Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation offers unique opportunities for discovery. The complicated relationships between people, industry and nature are explored through indoor exhibits and interpretive programming at the Leonard Krieger CanalWay Center. CanalWay Center serves as a visitor center on the busy Towpath Trail that runs from Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation to Akron.

The Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation stretches through the villages of Cuyahoga Heights and Valley View. The reservation follows a portion of its namesake, the historic 309-mile Ohio and Erie Canal. Together with the Cuyahoga River, the northernmost remaining 4.4 miles of watered canal provides wildlife management areas, fishing opportunities and scenic beauty. Picnicking, hiking trails, a 7.2-mile all purpose trail, and unique natural and cultural heritage interpretive graphics are also features of the reservation.

Observation decks and viewing areas provide exciting opportunities to see and hear red-tailed hawks, great blue heron, beavers, deer, orioles, yellow warblers, and other wildlife that abound in the bottomland forest. Rich in history, the 110-mile Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor extends between Cleveland and Dover.

Bald Eagles Nest in Cleveland for First Time in a Century Metro News |  February 28, 2018

Fifty years after the Cuyahoga River fire, a bald eagle rests in its nest on the Cuyahoga riverbank, the first nest in Cleveland in more than a century. The nest was constructed by an eagle pair this winter in a cottonwood tree in the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation and amid Cleveland’s gritty industrial valley. It is about one mile south of Harvard Avenue and close to the Jennings Freeway. Until trees leaf out this spring, the nest is visible from the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath. When this photograph was taken, the pair had not produced eggs yet. Photo by Karen Lakus/Cleveland Metroparks.

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