Cuyahoga Heights Historical Committee

The purpose of the committee is to share Cuyahoga Heights history, photos, and family histories. The goal is to help everyone in our Village respect each other and be proud of their heritage.

Cuyahoga Heights Historical Committee members include Barb Bartczak, Mark Chase, Brian Derbin, Kathy Grattino and Laura Hine.

2014 was a new beginning for the Historical Committee. Mayor Bacci and Council decided it would cost too much to restore the Willow House. The Historical Committee, Village Archives and the Boy Scouts moved across the street to the Kennedy House at 4561 East 71st Street.

Please visit the Historical Committee’s website for the Kennedy House Museum hours and special events.

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Cuyahoga Heights Cub Scout Pack 28

If you are between the ages of 6-11 and interested in joining Pack 28, please contact Cub Master Nate Podoll at (231) 818-5262. Some events the pack participates in include weekend camp outs, pinewood derby, field trips, parades and much, much more!

Cuyahoga Heights Cub Scout Pack 28 Facebook Page