Available Homes

Interested in living in the Village of Cuyahoga Heights?

Our home prices, taxes and overall cost of living make Cuyahoga Heights a very attractive and affordable community. Our excellent schools, park system and year-round community activities also make the quality of life enjoyable and rewarding.

Use Zillow to locate residential properties currently available in Cuyahoga Heights.

Selling your home?

Let us know if you’re a resident selling your home “by owner” and we’ll post the listing and contact information in the Village Newsletter. For more information about living in the Village, please contact Lee Ann Schoeffler at (216) 641-7020 or l.schoeffler@cuyahogaheights.com .

Cuyahoga Heights Building Department

One of the keys to keeping Cuyahoga Heights a great place to live and work is ensuring that each of our homes and yards are properly maintained. A clean, well-maintained community does much more than just makes our Village a pleasant place to live.

Neighborhoods where homeowners perform routine, basic maintenance on their structures and yards consistently enjoy substantially higher property values. In most cases, the Village has enforceable codes that mandate certain maintenance related responsibilities. Adherence to these codes, along with some good common sense, will make certain that our Village remain a desirable place to live and work. For the protection of our residents, our Village code requires that all contractors, both large and small, be registered with the Village prior to starting any job.

Our Building Department is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.