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Cuyahoga Heights Master Plan Update

During 2001 and 2002, the Village of Cuyahoga Heights undertook a comprehensive planning process that resulted in the formulation of the 2002 Master Plan.

The 2002 Master Plan included a detailed analysis of all aspects of the Village’s physical characteristics, economic conditions and public services. It also identified the collective goals of the community and strategies to achieve these goals.

With the passage of over 10 years, during which both the local and national economies were wildly affected by the 2008 recession as well as advances in technology and changes in demographics, it was time to assess the Plan’s goals and strategies and update them as needed.

The 2013 Master Plan Update highlights and explores the range of assets and challenges that the Village faces today and sets forth revised/expanded policies and recommendations that will position Cuyahoga Heights for economic, social, and ecological prosperity.

2013 Cuyahoga Heights Master Plan Update (7/30/13 Draft)
2013 Updated Zoning Map

A number of factors affect the future of a community, including population and housing trends, the existing pattern of development, proximity to highways, the natural environment, and the community’s location within the overall region.

The plan includes an overall assessment of the existing conditions and trends, including comparisons of Cuyahoga Heights with surrounding communities. This data provides insight and helps to guide the review and revisions of the plan’s goals and objectives.

Economic Development

  • Broaden and diversify the industrial base
  • Revitalize or replace underutilized or vacant industrial facilities
  • Promote and market locational advantages and business opportunities


  • Accommodate the changing housing needs of Village residents
  • Ensure that homeowners and landlords are able to maintain properties
  • Maintain and improve the homeownership rate in the Village


  • Provide park and recreational opportunities to meet the needs of residents

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas: steep slopes, wetlands, watercourses, floodplains
  • Ensure that new development does not cause negative environmental impacts

Public Facilities and Infrastructure

Ensure the current high level of Village services is maintained

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