Village Clerk

Robert UngerVillage-Clerk-Robert-Unger-2016

4863 East 71st Street
Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44125

Phone: (216) 641-7020

Financial Update:

Village Newsletter | November 2017


In addition to being the Village Clerk, Mr. Unger serves as the Chairman for the Health Insurance and Records Committees. He also serves on the negotiating team with the Mayor and Law Director. The Village Clerk’s term is 2010-2017.

The Village of Cuyahoga Heights contracts with the Regional Income Tax Agency to administer our municipal income tax. The municipal tax rate for the year 2017 is 2.5%. If you are a business or a new resident to the Village, you can contact the Regional Income Tax Agency at 800-860-7482 to complete a registration form.

Just a reminder that municipal individual tax returns are due on April 15. You now have the ability to E-file your tax return at RITA’s website If you have any additional questions, you can call the Regional Income Tax Agency toll free at 800-860-7482.


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