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Joshen Paper & Packaging | Corporate Headquarters
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A Family Owned and Operated Business for Over 30 Years!

In 1988, Bob Reiner, President, and Michelle Reiner, CEO, opened the doors of Joshen Paper & Packaging to service a single customer, a local supermarket chain in Cleveland, Ohio, with packaging supplies. Since then, Joshen Paper & Packaging has been delivering thousands of products to thousands of businesses; opening distribution centers across the United States.

Expanding this family-owned enterprise, Bob and Michelle Reiner’s son, Josh, is now COO. Their other son, Jordan, has found his niche in sales. Daughter, Jennifer, has worked at Joshen in many capacities since she is 18 years old. Currently a busy mother of three, she still finds time to work in the business.

Joshen’s newest website, www.joshenzone.com, features an extensive product catalogue that’s easy to read and easy to use. The company has a huge division of janitorial and sanitation supplies, eco-friendly products, labels, office supplies, as well as disposables.

Joshen has also grown its will-call area, accessed from the side of their building, where customers can stop in and shop in our store and get personal help and ideas from our staff. Customers can make their purchases and have their car loaded up without incurring a delivery charge. In addition to competitive pricing, this is another way Joshen services their customers and helps them cut costs.

Joshen Will Call & Outlet Store

Joshen Shipping

Joshen Warehouse Facilities

Joshen is proud to be a women owned business certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation. The business has grown to now delivering solutions to:

Supermarkets | Restaurants | Retail Operations | Manufacturing Facilities
Distributors and Wholesalers | Contract Packagers | Educational Facilities
Municipal Facilities | Health Care Facilities | Contract Cleaning Services

With an inventory of more than 20,000 supply products, Joshen truly eliminates the need for costly multiple suppliers. Their expansive truck fleet can have the products you need at your location in the shortest time possible. Along with timely delivery, Joshen’s procurement systems ensure businesses won’t be out of supplies and be faced with operational issues or missed opportunities. Joshen product offerings now include supply products in the following categories:

Disposables & Packaging-Including Custom Prints & Joshen’s Fresh™ Design
Eco-Friendly Packaging & Cleaning products | Fruit & Gift Basket supplies
Fixture & Display Supplies | Hanging & Tagging Supplies
Janitorial & Maintenance Supplies | Labels & Sign Cards | Office Supplies
Specialty Print Products | Pharmacy Supplies | Shipping & Receiving supplies
Mototola Business 2-Way Radios | Newspaper Bag Advertising Inserts

Joshen’s strength is servicing customers with nationally recognized product lines that allow them to be a “One-Stop Supplier.“ The benefit of dealing with one supplier has set Joshen apart for many years and allows their customers to focus on growing and managing their core business. Joshen always finds the right product for the right application. Their technical expertise combined with a wide range of products options have helped numerous companies rethink the way they do business, in turn reducing their costs and saving hundreds of hours of labor.

Joshed Delivery

Tired of Having to Create Purchase Orders to a Multitude of Suppliers?

In today’s economy, companies are getting “squeezed” and challenged to drive down supply product and distribution costs. On one side, customers want supply products for less cost, with better service. At the same time companies are pressured to reduce inventory and distribution costs. This becomes more complicated when a company may not have the resources, systems capabilities and freight volumes that other competitors have to drive continuous cost reductions and service improvements.

As companies are being forced to move to just-in-time inventory models, there may not always be enough on-hand inventory in their warehouse to satisfy orders. Joshen Paper has the experience and resources to integrate data from multiple systems to facilitate decisions by maximizing product on-hand inventory; allowing our customers to focus on growing and managing their core business. Joshen Paper is the expert in distribution program coordination. When implemented, Joshen’s programs can significantly reduce warehouse storage and labor costs while still meeting high fill rate requirements of your locations and customers. Joshen maintains the supply product order history in our database to insure maximum inventory levels to maintain your high fill rate requirements.

Distribution Models

Direct Store/Facility Delivery | Cross-Dock Delivery
Warehouse Replenishment Delivery | Warehouse Flow-Through Delivery
Drop Shipment Delivery | Joshen Trucks

Services Performed

Order Fulfillment Solutions | Kitting Solutions | Picking and Packing Solutions
Special Event Coordination for roll-outs | New Store or Facility Opening Supply Coordination
Time-Sensitive/Emergency Delivery
Solutions Inventory Management Solutions by our expert sales staff
Pallet Configuration Visibility | Vendor Consolidation Solutions
Supply Chain Analysis & Management | Reverse Logistics/Backhaul Management

National Locations

Joshen Paper of Cleveland Corporate Headquarters
Joshen Paper of Cincinnati | Joshen Paper of Alabama
Joshen Paper of Arkansas | Joshen Paper of Florida
Joshen Paper of Illinois | Joshen Paper of Indiana
Joshen Paper of Michigan | Joshen Paper of North Carolina
Joshen Paper of New Jersey | Joshen Paper of Pennsylvania
Joshen Paper of Texas | Joshen Paper of Utah
Joshen Paper of Washington | Joshen Paper of Wisconsin

The Joshen Advantage

In addition to an extensive product line, Joshen provides a variety of inclusive programs, services, and resources that include:

New Technologies and Products
Employee Education and Training
On-line Order Entry and Customized Reporting
Experienced Account Management & Customer Service Team
Implementing “Green” Practices That are Cost Effective
Offering an Eco-friendly Product Line that Grows Daily
Support Services and Technical Expertise
Vendor and SKU Rationalization
Supply Product Management
Labor Savings Programs
Flexible Distribution Programs
Transparency of Our Business

Joshen belongs to and supports a number of national and worldwide organizations:

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council | https://www.wbenc.org
The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association | http://www.issa.com
Strategic Market Alliance | https://smasolutions.com

For further information, please contact Michelle Reiner 216.441.5600 X200