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A Trusted Name in the Electrical Business Since 1950

Heat Seal manufactures a full line of packaging and process equipment for the food service and industrial packaging industries, all in Cleveland, Ohio. Heat Seal specializes in industrial packaging, food service equipment and stainless steel tables.

Heat Seal was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1950 as a stretch wrapping machinery and related products manufacturer. Heat Seal’s commitment to quality and innovation allowed the company to fast become a major machinery supplier for the supermarket industry. The continued success of Heat Seal in this market enabled the company to innovate and develop machines for different packaging methods.

In the late 1980’s, Heat Seal directed its packaging machinery expertise toward the Shrink Packaging industry. Heat Seal applied the same winning formula of quality and innovation to Shrink Packaging. Quickly, Heat Seal became a major producer of manual and semi-automatic L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels, as well as Combination Shrink Systems.

In 1994, Heat Seal purchased Ampak, a leading manufacturer of Skin Packaging machinery and related products. This acquisition allowed Heat Seal to bypass years of product development and immediately become a full line industrial packaging machinery source.

AMPAK was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 as the original manufacturer of Skin packaging machinery and vertical bagger machinery. To this day, Ampak skin packaging and vertical baggers set the standard of quality and value in the industry.

Heat Seal and Ampak are a quality manufacturing source for packaging machinery in a multitude of packaging methods. Since the acquisition, both companies have expanded and improved their existing product lines. All product lines now offer many standard features, multiple sizes and a list of options second to none in the industry. Over the last several years, Heat Seal has continued to innovate its packaging product. A new line of Heavy Duty L Bar Sealers, Heavy Duty Shrink Tunnels and Heavy Duty Combo Systems have been designed to complement its current line and offer a full line of features. Semi-Automatic and Automatic Bundlers have been developed to offer our customers more packaging options for bundling products manually or automatic. For speed requirements in the shrink industry, our Automatic L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Combo System has been introduced to help packagers take a step toward packaging automation.

Heat Seal’s latest innovation is the Energy Smart® Wrapper is a stretch film overwrapper with on demand sealing technology. The new wrapper provides significant energy conservation, compared to old style stretch film overwrappers.

Heat Seal introduced their all new HDX Combination Shrink Systems for their industrial segment. The HDX machine have been designed from the ground up with all new features. In this segment, the HSE Express is also brand new.


Heat Seal is a high quality manufacturer of industrial packaging, food packaging and supermarket packaging equipment. We offer both semi-automatic machines and automatic machines.


Heat Seal’s stretch film overwrappers are great for quickly packaging fresh items and other food wrap applications. Stretch wrap film is tightly pulled over the product and heat sealed to the bottom of the package for leak resistant packages. Overwrapping is used to extend shelf life, keep perishables fresh, provide a visual of the product, reduce packaging cost, group products together, provide easily opened packages, and tamper evidence.

Table top stretch wrappers are most commonly used in food service industries to stretch wrap packages of fresh meat, dairy and produce on to trays, floor model stretch overwrappers are also available. Overwrap machines can also be used for a variety of other packaging purposes such as soup containers, gift sets, candy boxes, and more.

Food Processing

Heat Seal manufactures are diverse line of food processing machines, including a pineapple corer and peeler, pizza capper, cheese cutters, bag loaders, deli bag and label dispensers. Pineapple corer and peeler cores and peels pineapple in one swift and safe motion. Pizza capper places a film cap onto freshly made pizzas. Bag loaders make processing faster and easier. Cheese cutters help process bulk cheese for sale.

Tables, Carts & Tubs

Heavy duty construction Heat Seal stainless steel tables, carts and accumulator tables & tubs are built to last. Stainless steel tables are NSF Listed. Great food preparation tables, processing tables, meat department tables, packaging line tables, and so much more.

Compact Sealers & Irons

Compact sealers and hand irons provide less expensive and flexible packaging options for smaller packaging jobs. Magic Wand Systems are great for odd sized and shaped packages.

Combo Shrink Systems

Heat Seal’s industrial combo shrink systems provide a quality shrink packaging solution in a compact footprint, available in automatic combo systems or semi-automatic combo systems. Combo systems are available in greatly equiped heavy duty combos, or find compact sizes and customize your options with a standard duty combos.L bar sealers and shrink tunnels are combined in one industrial shrink wrapping machine to provide tightly wrapped packaging solutions. First, sealed in a bag using the L bar sealer, the package then moves to the shrink tunnel where the film is heated and shrinks around the package. Shrink wrap machines are used to provide a transparent, tightly wrapped package. Practical and cost effective, shrink packaging is great for packaging boxes, cartons, multi-packs, and beverage cans.

L Bar Sealers

Using center folded film, L bar sealers create bags around products with poly bagging. Heat Seal’s L bar sealers are built to last with a compact footprint. For our Automatic option, see the HDSA1721 Automatic L Sealer. Semi-automartic L bar standard sizes range from 15” by 15” up to 30” by 40”. Custom size options are also available. Add a shrink tunnel or heat gun to an L sealer to produce tightly shrink wrapped packages for shrink wrapping. Economical and great for creating single or multi-pack packages for sale, as an insert into another package or for shipping.

Shrink Tunnels

Industrial heat shrink tunnels use heat to shrink film around packages. Shrink tunnel standard sizes range from 15” wide by 6” high up to 22” wide by 8” high, with varying lengths and extended heights. Shrink tunnels are often used in conjunction with an L bar sealer or sleeve wrapper bundler, but also stand alone for shrink banding applications. Heat oven shrink tunnels are great for packaging boxes, cartons, creating multi-packs, and pallet loads. Shrink banding seals tamper evident bands on medicine bottles, soup containers, perishables, and in other safety applications.


Heat Seal’s sleeve wrapper bundler machines are simple yet reliable bundlers. Bundling machines wrap products together using a film that covers the top and bottom of the package while the sides shrink closed in a shrink tunnel. Bundling equipment is often used to package cases of bottles or stacks of laundry. Heat Seal Semi-Automatic Bundlers are equipped with an RS-5 Plus Digital Controller.

Skin Packaging

Ampaks industrial skin packaging machines are high quality performance skin packagers, available in several size independent skin machines or automate the process with a Skin Packaging System. With skin packaging machines, products are skin packaged to a substrate card with a sheet of transparent film, which is softened with heat and vacuum sealed over the product and card. Skin packaging provides lock down product protection, product visibility and tamper evidence.

A lower cost packaging option, skin packaging is often used to display products and protect products during shipping and processing. Following the skin packaging process, die cutting is added as a finishing option. Often times, multiple products are skinned to one card and then die cut into individual packages. Skin packaging is often used to display sharp objects like saw blades or drill bits and tamper-evidence applications.

Laudry Wrappers

Heat Seal’s laundry wrapper and laundry bundlers are used for large volume laundry processing. Laundry overwrappers and laundry bundlers designed for laundry packaging applications. Used to package large stacks of cleaned laundry either by stretch over wrapping or by film bundling.