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Jordan Power of Cleveland
4549 Willow Parkway, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio 44125
216-883-7649 Phone | Toll-Free: 1-(800)-686-1717 | Fax: (216) 883-7651
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Todd Jordan, President
Tim Gregg, Vice President
Greg Bazilevich, General Manager
Mark Westren, Regional Service/Rental Manager

A Full-Service Industrial Cleaning and Surface Preparation Equipment Supplier

Jordan Power Cleaning Equipment is a full service industrial cleaning and surface preparation equipment supplier. For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in the sales, service and rental of America’s finest cleaning and surface-prep equipment, and we strive to provide quality products with excellent service at affordable prices.

When Todd Jordan was attending school, he worked as a part-time mechanic for a local company that specialized in industrial floor coating and cleaning equipment. He worked there for several years, learning the trade. When the owner decided to get out of the business, Todd eagerly accepted his offer to buy the business, and in 1977, Jordan Power and Equipment Company was born.

We started out as four employees in a 1,200 square-foot rented building but quickly grew, and in 1981, Jordan Power moved into a larger facility. In the early years, Jordan Power serviced, rented and sold re-manufactured cleaning equipment that we completely re-built, offering quality products to our customers at prices they could afford.

In 1981, we became the first Blastrac shot blasting dealer, and we began a contracting division to prepare concrete floors for coating. We created a market for this new shot blasting technology, enabling contractors to prepare floors in half the time. With the increase in demand for Blastrac equipment, we focused our efforts on renting and selling the equipment and moved away from contracting work.

As Jordan Power grew, we gained a positive reputation in the industry for the value and quality of service, and we soon became a licensed dealer of Advance, American Lincoln, Hoover, Cimex and several other industrial cleaning equipment lines.

Due to high customer demand, Jordan Power Cleaning Equipment expanded throughout Ohio to better service our customers. There are now four branches of Jordan Power in the state — in Akron, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus.

Why Choose Jordan Power?

• Locally owned with four convenient locations in Ohio.

• The sole focus of our business is industrial cleaning and surface-prep equipment. Cleaning is what we do.

• We specialize in selling the right equipment to meet your needs with full service to back it up.

• We offer a large inventory of specialized cleaning and surface-prep equipment.

• All of our equipment is available to rent, lease or own. We work with you to help you get the equipment you need.

• We offer specialized service for specialized equipment.

• Our long-term, dedicated employees have the experience and knowledge necessary to service all makes and models of cleaning and surface-prep equipment.

• We offer 24 hour emergency service, and when you call, we will send a technician within 24 hours to service your machine on-site.

• Repairing equipment is accomplished quickly thanks to the large inventory of replacement parts we keep in stock.

• Whether you’re buying a new machine, renting or your current machine needs servicing, our drivers will pick up and deliver right to your door and educate your staff on how to operate your machine.

Try Before You Buy

If owning is a better option then we invite you to take advantage of our Free Demonstration Program available to all qualified buyers. As a courtesy we offer helpful job site evaluation and recommendation of proper equipment.  

Jordan Power Equipment Products & Services

Riding Sweepers, Riding Scrubbers, Sweeper Scrubbers, Walk Behind Scrubbers, Walk Behind Sweepers, Outdoor Sweepers

Carpet/Hard Floor/Vacuums
Burnishers, Carpet Scrubbers, Extractors, Floor Machines, Room Dryers, Canister Vacuums, Escalator Cleaners, Upright Vacuums, Wet Dry Vacuums

Pressure Washers
Cold Water Pressure Washers, Hot Water Pressure Washers, Outdoor Pressure Washers

Surface Prep Equipment
Cutters/Saws, Dust Collectors, Grinders, Hand Tools, Push Scarifiers, Powerdrive Scarifiers, Push Shot Blasters, Powerdrive Shot Blasters, Tile Strippers

Used Equipment
Pre-Owned Cleaning Equipment, Pre-Owned Surface Prep Equipment

Cleaning Equipment Parts, Surface Prep Equipment Parts Cleaning Equipment Rentals Carpet Cleaning Rentals, Floor Scrubber Rentals, Floor Sweeper Rentals, Hard Floor Care Rentals, Pressure Washer Rentals, Sweeper Scrubber Rentals, Vacuum Rentals

Surface Prep Equipment Rentals
Floor Grinder Rentals, Hand Tool Rentals, Scarifier Rentals, Shot Blaster Rentals, Tile Stripper Rentals

Servicing Cleaning & Surface Preparation Equipment for Over 35 Years

If it’s broke, we can fix it. Repairing industrial cleaning and surface prep equipment is what we do best. Our 35+ years of experience means you can depend on us to get it right the first time. Our factory-trained service technicians will get your repairs done quickly so you’re back up and running.

• Servicing in-shop or on-site

• Pickup and delivery available

• State-wide coverage of Ohio

• 4 conveniently located servicing sites in Akron, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus

Our Preventive Periodic Maintenance Program

The PPM Program will help to extend the life of your equipment, decrease cost of repairs, and increase the productivity of your cleaning and internal maintenance staff.

PPM Maintenance Services

• All tests, inspections, and adjustments as recommended by the original equipment manufacturer.

• All machine systems will be cleaned, squeegees flipped, and brooms rotated.

• The engine oil and filter will be replaced as to the engine manufacturer’s recommendation.

• The batteries will be cleaned and water levels restored.

In general the machine will be placed back into the manufacturers specifications, and any and all repair suggestions over and above those covered by the PPM will be presented to the owners management team for approval.

Special Advantages for PPM Customers

• Priority service call scheduling. We put you first when scheduling unplanned service requests, most calls are responded to within 24 hours.

• Access to our weekend and evening hours service assistance phone line, one of our service technicians is on call to assist you.

• Access to our large inventory of cleaning and concrete surface preparation equipment at 10% discount.

• No-charge pick-up and delivery of your covered machine for extensive repairs.

• No-charge delivery of cleaning chemicals.

• IC machines receive an oil change and filter at no additional charge.

• Reduced hourly rate for unplanned repairs, $97.00 normal charge, reduced to $75.00.